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    SmartLick is a poured block which comes from the Horslyx stable. Using a different manufacturing method to Horslyx, this results in an economy option for those looking for a no-frills, high quality lick.  SmartLick contains a blend of essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain ideal condition for every horse and pony, plus a yeast-based prebiotic to support beneficial intestinal bacteria.  Antioxidants and biotin are also included for all round health. SmartLick has been manufactured in accordance with the BETA NOPS code and therefore monitored for the presence of specified Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) as required under the rules of racing and other affiliated competitions. 

    Value and Quality

    SmartLick is a poured block supplying an essential blend of vitamins and minerals with a tasty vanilla flavouring for improved palatability.  It has been formulated to have a combined sugar and starch level of less than 30% with a starch level of less than 10% and a sugar level of 20%.  When considering sugar levels, it’s important to remember the overall sugar taken in the day, so the 20% of sugar in SmartLick when fed to a 500kg horse at recommended intakes of 250g per day will only provide 50g of sugar per day, which is similar to two large apples and the 9.25% starch will contribute only 23.2g of starch to the diet which is just less than two Weetabix!  The intake from SmartLick will be gradual over the day unlike the apples or Weetabix which will be rapidly consumed. SmartLick is a high quality, cost effective, weatherproof solution for feeding horses and ponies, providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements whether at grass or stabled, in work or leisure, young or old.

    SmartLick is incredibly good value and the suggested retail price is £19.99 for 12.5kg.  A 12.5kg tub should last approximately 50 days for a 500kg horse at recommended daily intakes of 250g per day, which results in a cost per day of just 40p*.





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