How is SmartLick made?

The SmartLick manufacturing plant has been producing high quality poured blocks for the agricultural industry for 40 years.   They use only the highest quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure every product is consistent from the first batch to the last.

Having worked hard to achieve the strict BETA NOPS accreditation in 2019, they are now proud to offer a high quality, cost effective, poured block to the equine market.  To find out more about SmartLick and BETA NOPS please click here.

SmartLick is produced as a poured block, a process in which molasses is mixed with the ingredients including proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is set by the inclusion of calcium oxide. The mixture is then accurately poured, based on weight, into the tub which acts as a mould. After cooling the block sets and the hardness determines the level of intake. The production process is automated as continuous process. This involves the dry premix, containing everything except molasses, being mixed using a blender with molasses prior to being dispensed.  The continuous process ensures homogenous blocks are produced without soft spots or clumps of dry material.

Every batch of SmartLick is quality assessed and is produced in accordance with the BETA NOPS assurance scheme. SmartLick is produced in the UK at a production facility with over 40 years of experience with mineral nutrition. SmartLick has excellent weatherability due to the tight production parameters employed resulting in a controlled reaction which doesn’t lead to block shrinkage or muffin tops. The same block production process is used all over the world to produce licks for horses and grazing ruminants.





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